June 2014

June is here. Several things to celebrate during this month. Father’s Day is this weekend, our five year anniversary is the following weekend, some friends of ours are getting married, and more progress with our next try with IVF.
I’m so thankful for my dad. He and I don’t talk very often but I still like to think we are close. Not as close as I would like to be but it’s hard since I grew up living with just my mom. He’s the sweetest, most selfless person I’ve ever known. He is always doing anything he can to help me and my sisters. I’ll be in Conroe this week so I’m really excited to celebrate Father’s Day with him.
This would have been Kyle’s first Father’s Day and I was really looking forward to celebrating with him too, but we have our anniversary shortly after so that will help. It’s been five years since Kyle and I got married. It doesn’t seem that long but then again it seems way longer. We have gone through some pretty hard times and we somehow get through them. There usually has been a challenge with almost everything we’ve done and I’m glad those challenges didn’t scare Kyle away. We are still facing one of the toughest obstacles to date and he is the one who helps me stay positive and optimistic. I’ve had a hard time (when do I not have a hard time?!) and he is making sure that we are able to do another round of IVF this month.
I’m back to seeing the doctor every week, getting poked, and filling myself with meds. I’m hopeful…most of the time. June is already flying by so hopefully the next few weeks come and go and then we can move on to face July!


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