A minor setback…

I’m pretty bummed right now. If you’ve been keeping up, you would know that I have been going every other day to get an ultrasound and bloodwork done. After my appointment on Monday the nurse called to schedule my Wednesday (today) appointment and asked me if I could go to the Piney Point location so Dr. Witz could perform the ultrasound. He was walking me through the ultrasound and would point out a follicle and tell me the size as he saw them. Most of the follicles are a little bit bigger than he anticipated. After the appointment he told me that he would like to move my retrieval day up to Friday January 31st! This was so exciting!! Not only was my schedule being moved FORWARD, but this meant I was going to be able to make our good friends Adam and Dana’s wedding on Saturday! I have been so happy all day! This afternoon my nurse calls to let me know what meds I need to take tonight and how to prepare for the retrieval. She then continues to let me know that we have to wait until next month to do the transfer. My progesterone levels got too high and that makes the environment unsafe for the embryos. I am so upset. I have been anticipating this and it’s SO CLOSE…and now we wait some more. So we will still extract this Friday at 12am but instead of transferring them on February 5th, the embryos will get frozen and next month we will have them thaw out and transferred.
I have a few friends who have been down this road before and have been really supportive during this entire process. I texted them both once I got off the phone with my nurse and surprisinly they both had to do a Frozen Embryo Transfer (which were successful!) They both said that frozen transfer have higher success rates!
I am obviously bummed I have to wait but there isn’t anything I can do. I won’t have my new trasnfer date until I start my cycle. For now we will focus on Friday and take it one day at a time. This is the one time in my life where I actually want to start my cycle!


First week of meds…

I’m finishing up my first full week of shots (I started the injections monday January 20th) and it’s not as easy as I thought. I’ve had to give myself shots before when we did IUI but this time I am having to put all the medication into one syringe and that makes me paranoid! I OBVIOUSLY want to do it right but I am always second guessing myself. There have been a few minor bumps in the road with refilling my meds and the costs, but we’ve made it work! I don’t know if I am over sensitive because of the meds…or if that’s just me, but man this week has been AWESOME (Y’all can read sarcasm, right?)
I have been getting an ultrasound and bloodwork done every other day and so far everything is right on track. The retrieval date is still set for February 1st and the transfer date is still February 6th!! UM…FEBRUARY 1ST IS IN 1 WEEK!! I’m borderline freaking out. Kyle and I are so excited and ready for this to happen. This would not be our reality if it wasn’t for the crazy amount of support we have. We are so thankful for everyone who helped us get where we are today!! February 18th is probably the most important date of all during this process. That day I will go in for bloodwork to see if the procedure was successful! I was hoping to know by Valentine’s Day, but what’s 4 more days?!

We have dates, people!

I had been itching for our new IVF schedule and last week we finally got it! With the schedule came some of the meds I will have to be on. Things just got real! I am still waiting for specific times for these dates, but for now I am completely fine just knowing that on February 1st we will have our egg retrieval and then on February 6th we will have our first transfer!! I am FREAKING OUT. I have my first ultrasound and baseline bloodwork along with the “teaching visit” for meds on Friday the 17th. The following week we will start the meds! I can’t believe this is actually going to happen and we could possibly be getting a positive pregnancy test next month! The schedule says to test on February 18th, but lets be real here…I probably won’t be able to wait that long.
Kyle and I are still amazed at the amount of support we received and continue to receive during this process. Without everyone’s donations and prayers I really do not think we would have been able to do this. We are so grateful and constantly remind ourselves how blessed we are to have amazing people behind us. I plan on updating this throughout our journey to not only document everything, but to allow others to be on this adventure with us. I am very open with all of this and hope that I don’t bust out TMI for anyone. My sister and brother-in-law and both pretty smart when it comes to videos and computers and technology, so I plan on having them help me with some videos when the time comes. I look forward to sharing this experience with everyone!